This inspiring image represents the nation’s dream garden - featuring a summer house, swimming pool and vegetable patch.

The ‘garden-goals’ design comes after a study of 2,000 adults found the ideal outdoor space is 88ft long and south facing.

Half of respondents opted for a flat rather than tiered landscape and 32 per cent chose stone flooring, with 30 per cent preferring wood-look decking.

Other back yard must-haves include a built-in barbeque, a shed and a fire pit. When it comes to the grass, 72 per cent favour the real thing while only 14 per cent would like to have astro-turf.

The research and image were commissioned by Onduline and found that overall, the average adult’s dream garden would appear colourful (48 per cent), inviting (45 per cent) and tidy (41 per cent).

Outdoor buildings have always been a key feature of any garden

Onduline’s spokesman added: “Outdoor buildings have always been a key feature of any garden, whether it is a shed or greenhouse, but this survey highlights that people dream of being more adventurous with their choices. Summer houses or animal pens may seem like very aspirational products but making the dream a reality is much easier than many may think.

“These days innovation in materials means it is much easier to install an outdoor building, and the job can easily be completed in a couple of hours.  Aside from the ease of installation, the other benefit of these new materials is that they stand the test of time.

“Onduline’s lightweight roofing products are made from an eco-friendly robust material that doesn’t contain any metal, meaning they will not rust, so once fitted you can rest assured that you won’t need to replace your roof for another at least 15 years. And they come in a range of colours, therefore ticking a number of the ‘dream garden’ requirements.”

Features of Brits’ dream garden:

Features of Brits’ dream garden:

  1. Lots of plants 
  2. Vegetable/fruit patch              
  3. Summer house
  4. Water feature              
  5. Bird feeder      
  6. Shed    
  7. A pathway       
  8. Hanging baskets          
  9. Sun loungers  
  10. Swimming pool                          
  11. Raised flower beds                    
  12. Built in barbeque                       
  13. Pond/lake                      
  14. Fairy lights                     
  15. Greenhouse                  
  16. Hot tub                           
  17. Dining table    
  18. Fire pit
  19. A bridge over water    
  20. Garden statues/ornaments    
  21. Pizza oven                      
  22. Swing bench                 
  23. Hammock                      
  24. Corner sofa                    
  25. Log cabin                       
  26. Outdoor heaters          
  27. Spotlights                       
  28. Treehouse                     
  29. Pergola                           
  30. Bar       
  31. Bee house                      
  32. Workshop        
  33. Orangery                        
  34. Day bed            
  35. Chiminea         
  36. Carport/bespoke garage         
  37. Sauna